Dr Elisabeth Falk: Intriguing Neutrinos: The Deep Secrets of Nature’s Ghosts

Lisa Falk photoDr Elisabeth Falk, Senior Lecturer in Experimental Particle physics (Physics and Astronomy), presented her talk about Neutrinos, one of the fundamental particles which make up the universe – Also, currently, one of the least understood.

Subatomic particles produced by the decay of radioactive elements, Neutrinos are special for many reasons – They have no charge, are incredibly light, travel at near light speed and travel through most other matter.

Following the introduction to what they are, Lisa detailed the challenges of detecting them (she’s been directly involved in these experiments), and the vast equipment that’s used.

Finally she talked about the DUNE project, the next stage in Neutrino detection.

Kind words for Q&A
As ever, Lisa’s talk was followed by a lively Questions and Answers session with the Isle of Wight Cafe Scientifique audience, that she described as “one of the best” she’d had.

Dr Lisa Falk: Presentation

Dr Lisa Falk: Presentation slides
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Q&A with the audience

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