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Dr Sarah Duddigan talk about Soils

Dr. Sarah Duddigan, a Research Fellow in the Geography and Environmental Department at Reading University gave a talk on about ‘ Soils’.

She covered the subject of soils pointing int out that “It’s not just dirt”, but in fact vital to the success of humanity, reminding the audience that it is a “non-renewable source”.

The current problems of soil degradation that tend to be masked by the emphasis on climate change – in a connected point, highlighted that soil stores three times more carbon that trees. Sarah told the audience that Soil Health is another looming problem for the planet.

The talk cover much more ground than that, going from the basics of what soil is made up from (a balance between Clay, Sand and Silt), the Tea Bag Index that she was involved with, the impact of urbanisation on soil and emerging threats to soil.

(We are awaiting slides from Sarah, but as some people weren’t able to make it to Cafe Sci this week, we’re releasing the audio while we await them.)

Dr. Sarah Duddigan’s spoken presentation

Dr. Sarah Duddigan’s audience Q&A

Robin Wilson

Dr Robin Wilson – Monitoring the environment from space

Dr Robin Wilson, a freelance academic and data scientist with a PhD in satellite imaging and complex systems simulation presented his extremely interesting talk, “Monitoring the environment from space.

Hundreds of satellites orbit the Earth every day, collecting data that is used for monitoring almost all aspects of the environment. This talk introduced the world of satellite imaging, beyond the ‘pretty pictures’ to the scientific data behind them, and showed how the data can be applied to monitor plant growth, air pollution and more, giving local, Isle of Wight examples.

Dr Robin’s spoken presentation

Dr Robin’s slides

Q&A with the audience

Dr Michelle Hale – The importance of marine phytoplankton in controlling climate change

Dr Michelle Hale, Head of the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Portsmouth Dr Michelle HaleUniversity, gave a talk about the importance of marine phytoplankton in controlling climate change.

She illustrated this with a lot of pictures from research she has conducted whilst at sea in the Arctic and elsewhere.

Dr Michelle Hale: Presentation


Q&A with the audience