Tanja Rebel on ‘The Eco-Philosophical Journey’

On Monday 4th June (a week earlier than usual) one of our members – Tanja Rebel – is going to talk about “The Eco-Philosophical Journey”

Up until the 19th century, Natural Philosophy was the term used for the study of nature and it was the birth mother of what we today call science. This talk look at how anthropocentric bias in Philosophy and later Science have contributed to the current Planetary Crisis and conversely how a new form of Philosophy and Science might contribute to the solution. It will visit a number of Eco-philosophical schools of thought – from Ecoholism to Deep Ecology – which started to emerge in the second half of the 20th century and which could help us form a constructive way forward to a more ecocentric worldview.

One question to be raised is whether nature has value in itself. Another is whether scientific solutions can solve our current predicament or whether the answer lies in a change of outlook and life style. Are we ready for a Paradigm Shift?

Eco philosopher
Tanja Rebel is a teacher of Philosophy and Religious Studies with a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy and a Masters Degree in Ethics, Religion and Society.

Her Dissertation focused on Eco-Philosophy and Global Ethics. Tanja regularly holds talks on Eco-Philosophy at a variety of venues.

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