Postponed: Dr Dominic Papineau – The first micro organisms to be found on earth

Update: Meeting postponed until 2020. More details to follow.

Dr Dominic Papineau, who is in the Nanotechnology Department at University College London, will be talking about the first micro organisms to be found on earth.

He led an International team of scientists who have discovered in Canada and Greenland the first trace elements of micro organisms that push the date for life on earth back further than three billion years ago.

They suggest that life started in the volcanoes (black smokers) under the ocean using iron for energy.

Where and when
The Regency Suite is above the Conservative Club in Shanklin in Palmerston Road just off the High Street.

The nearest car parks are in Landguard Road and Orchardleigh Road, both only two or three minutes walk to the Conservative Club. Parking is free after 6pm.

As we have to pay a rent for the facilities, we have to ask for a donation of at least £3 on the door to make sure we cover all our expenses. i.e. the rent, cost of speakers’ travel expenses and a meal, plus overnight accommodation if needed.

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