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Dr Tracy Melvin from Optoelectronics Research Centre

Dr Tracy Melvin is an Associate Professor in the Optoelectronics Research Centre at Southampton University.

The focus of her research is to create technologies to provide the potential to answer bioscience questions, such as how to repair damaged DNA, that are difficult or cannot be answered in any other way.

Her research crosses the medical science – micro-optical device interface and includes bionano-technology methods.

Hope you can come along and make it a stimulating evening.

Come along and hear her talk on Monday 12th June 2017 from 7pm.

Dr Pamela Gill on Palaeontology

Monday 13th March starting at 7.0 pm.

Dr Pamela Gill, Research Associate in the School of Earth Sciences at Bristol University will be talking about the Technology that has transformed the study of palaeontology.

“Using new technology to shine light on the lives of the first mammals.”

The earliest mammals lived 200 million years ago, and co-existed with the dinosaurs through the Mesozoic. Although their fossil bones and teeth have been known since the 19th century, exciting new technologies such as synchrotron CT scanning now offer the chance to find out much more about their lives.

Come along to see how we can work out such things as what they ate, how long they lived and if they were warm blooded.