Professor Craig Storey on How do continents form?

Taking place on Monday 14th May (7pm) Professor Craig Storey, Professor of Geology at the University of Portsmouth will present How do continents form?

The surface of Earth is made of oceans and continents, which are formed by different types of rocks.

Oceans are made of relatively young rocks whereas continents contain the oldest rocks on the Earth as well as additions of progressively younger rocks.

So how do we know how old the oldest rocks are and are they remnants of the very first continents or something else? When did continents get to be as big as they are today and why are there vast mountain chains in some areas of continents?

What can we learn about our planet, life and economic resources from studying the continents? These are some of the questions I will address and discuss.

The Regency Suite is above the Conservative Club in Shanklin in Palmerston Road just off the High Street.

The nearest car parks are in Landguard Road and Orchardleigh Road, both only two or three minutes walk to the Conservative Club. Parking is free after 6pm.

As we have to pay a rent for the facilities, we have to ask for a donation of at least £3 on the door to make sure we cover all our expenses. i.e. the rent, cost of speakers’ travel expenses and a meal, plus overnight accommodation if needed.

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