Dr Luke Myers: Tidal Power: Where current research is and what’s coming

Summary of the presentation

Dr Luke MyersDr Luke Myers, Lecturer, Department of Engineering and Environment, Southampton University

Whilst our mainstream media sources often criticise renewable sources of energy, weighing up the pros and cons, our scientists continue to explore and experiment, edging us nearer to finding usable solutions.

Tidal power is predictable, unlike wind. The most turbulent tidal sites provide a challenging test bed for each new design of tidal turbine and Dr Myers’ talk references several different projects and different design of turbine. Less turbulent sites such as St Catherine’s Point here on the Island provide a less hostile environment where designs can be operated more easily, where experimentation in the early stages can perhaps provide clearer insights.

Security of supply is becoming the dominant news story. Tidal power as a renewable source has a part to play in meeting demand as other energy sources diminish and/or become subject to global political unease.

Dr Luke Myers: Presentation

Dr Luke Myers: Presentation slides
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Q&A with the audience

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