Dr. Jon Whitehurst: Bats, Maths and Maps presentation and Q&A

Dr. Jon Whitehurst is quite a whiz during the day building technology to keep the country safe.

In his spare time he’s built up an amazing knowledge about bats (his passion since his youth) and utilises his data analysis skills to accurate prediction of bat habitat suitability using non-invasive survey methods. He’s carried this out extensively at the Isle of Wight’s Parkhurst Forest.

The talk he gave on 14th November 2016 was well attended and detailed. The way he described it was:

“The intent of this lecture is to show the extent to which cross discipline working is exploited within modern day ecology and to demonstrate that the ecology research in the 21st century is not just about fieldwork, recording and subjective assessment.

The specific example presented is bat habitat suitability modelling and the lecture will cover the end-to-end process of mapping predictive bat habitat use and describe the contributions to this process from across a wide range of scientific disciplines that enable field observations and digitised habitat features into fully quantifiable predictions of bat habitat use.”

Dr. Jon Whitehurst: Presentation

Dr. Jon Whitehurst: Presentation slides

Q&A with the audience

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